Frances Vecchi

Frances Vecchi specializes in large, Romantic Realist oil paintings with a touch of classical, Dutch, and French Impressionist influence from her wide range of experience and study. Their intense colors and ardent viewpoint are emotionally spellbinding. The paintings evoke the thrill that we feel every time we venture out into our beautiful, complex and ever-changing world. In a swirling pulse of lively oil color and texture, we experience the many moods and glorious visual richness of light as it shifts and changes with the season.

Frances currently resides in Tampa, FL but her wanderlust and lifelong search for beautiful scenes, people, and locations to paint keeps her traveling the world. Her work has been featured in various publications including ELAN Magazine and Tampa Bay Magazine. She is a graduate of Cornell University and did graduate work at Boston University. The artist worked with world renowned artists such as Rob Liberace, Nelson Shanks, Danni Dawson and Jim McGinley. Her paintings have won numerous awards and she has participated in many solo and group shows within the US, Europe, and Latin America. Her work is in collections in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.